Delta-8 Tablets – Subscribe & save (5% on each order)

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Sublingual fast-acting nanoformulation: Our delta-8 tablets are formulated with nanoemulsion technology allowing rapid absorption into the bloodstream. This means you’ll start to feel the effects of the delta-8 within minutes of taking the tablet.

Vegan and sugar-free: Our delta-8 tablets are vegan, sugar-free and keto-friendly, making them a great option for people looking for a healthy and natural way to relax and unwind.

Dosage: 12.5 mg per serving (20 servings per container)

Ingredient list (Inactive ingredients): D-Mannitol, Acacia Exudate, Crospovidone, Copovidone, Magnesium Stearate, Refined Coconut Oil, Orange Oil, Monk Fruit Extract.