The Tea on Cannabinoid Discoveries

Hey High Riders, Canna Gal* here,

…spilling all the tea on the sultry, scandalous history of cannabinoids. Get ready for a ride through the world of highs and lows, as we unravel the secrets behind these intoxicating compounds.

1941: Where it all began. Roger Adams, our resident genius from the University of Illinois, reveals the secrets of delta-8 THC to the world. Oh, and didn’t he just love experimenting? By 1942, his crew was testing their groundbreaking potion on real-life subjects. As if that wasn’t enough, the American Chemical Society decided to toast to Adams’ brilliance by introducing The Roger Adams Award in Organic Chemistry in 1959. Talk about leaving a legacy!

1944: Adams wasn’t done yet. That year, he’s the name behind the soothing hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) – because why settle for just one discovery?

Totally Isolated

1949-1975: Enter the US Army Chemical Corps, making waves at Edgewood Arsenal by Maryland’s oh-so-glam Chesapeake Bay. These clever cats brewed up THC-O, a tantalizing creation that’s a full three times more potent than our classic delta-9 THC. Nicknamed “the spiritual cannabinoid”, this beauty is definitely one for the elite.

1963: Raphael Mechoulam, the Israeli It-boy in chemistry, steals the spotlight by isolating the ever-enigmatic CBD.

1964: Not one to rest on his laurels, Mechoulam unveils delta-9 THC to the world.

It’s Always Florida

1978: Things get heated in Jacksonville, Florida. The DEA uncovers a clandestine lab whipping up THC-O. It would take the DEA almost a decade to figure out just what they had stumbled upon.

1980s: The debut of Delta-10 THC. Less potent than its sibling delta-9 THC, but just as intriguing with its sativa-inspired kick.

1986: Congress, in all its wisdom, gifts us the Federal Analogue Act (FAA). Cue the debate on the legality of hemp-derived intoxicants that mirror delta-9 THC.

The Magic Word

2001: Mechoulam and his posse make headlines again, patenting a fancy trick to morph CBD into delta-8 and delta-9 THC. Isomerization, darlings, is the magic word.

2010: The world gets a taste of the “synthetic marijuana” K2, also glamorously known as Spice. But spoiler: it’s not marijuana. In fact, it’s a cocktail of synthetic nasties that’s doing more harm than good.

The Big Bang Moment

The 2018 farm bill darlings. Our cannabinoids were chilling in the shadows until President Trump and a Republican Congress made hemp the star of the show in December 2018. Cultivating it, producing it, and taking it cross-state – all legalized in one swoop.

Now, for the latest secret: The Our Good Delta-8 tablet. For those of us who fancy discretion with a side of luxury, this is the answer. Slip it under the tongue or savor it in a bite. Forget about the woes of conspicuous smells or stickiness. And for those watching their figures? Sweet news – they’re sugar-free.

There you have it. A trip down cannabinoid lane, with a touch of modern elegance. Who said history couldn’t be chic?

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