What is Delta-8? The Chill Sibling of the Delta Family

So, ever been to a family reunion and there’s always that sibling? You know, the one who’s loud, has climbed every mountain, once skydived blindfolded, and maybe overshadows everyone else at the party? That’s delta-9-THC for you (what we know simply as “THC”). The life of the Delta party; the molecule that says, “Tonight, we’re turning things up a notch!” 

But just when you thought you knew the whole family, in waltzes another sibling. A chiller one. The one who arrives fashionably late, saunters in with a calm demeanor, and still becomes the secret star of the evening. This, my friends, is delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as delta-8-THC, delta-8 or D8 amongst friends). Not as intense as delta-9, but equally captivating in its own laid-back way.

What is Delta-8? 

Alright, time for a bit of science. Delta-8-THC and delta-9-THC are molecular siblings (the sciency name is isomer). They’ve got the same core family traits but with just a tiny difference in their makeup. Think of them like identical siblings, one who loves rock and the other who’s into jazz.

Both these THCs have a similar composition, but they groove with a slightly different beat. The difference is all about the placement of a certain bond. While delta-9 parties with its bond on the 9th carbon chain, delta-8 prefers to boogie with it firmly on the 8th. This small shift in rhythm means that when delta-8 hits the dance floor of our brain (read: CB1 receptors), it’s got a gentler, more mellow groove. So mellow, that some leave the party early to get to sleep; thank you delta-8!

Cha Cha to me

In the dance of legality, delta-8 has some fancy footwork. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp strutted into the legal scene. Delta-8, always one to find a way to join the party, made its entrance through a change of choreography for the rules. And while this may sound like it’s is in a legal grey area, it’s perfectly partnered with the feds, it’s just in more of a lively cha-cha with the lawmakers from each state, although more and more of them are losing their shyness and joining us on the dancefloor.

Safety First, Party Later

While delta-8 is making a splash, the unregulated nature of the market means that sometimes, what’s on the label is more of a suggestion than a fact. This is why it’s important to join the right delta-8 party. Our Good makes sure everything is on the level to ensure it has the best outfit to dance (Read: Our Good tests for nutritional quality of the recipe, delta-8 purity and batch quality consistency, check those out here). Nevertheless, as the hemp community has shown time and again, it’s quality that makes a product last.

So the next time you’re at a gathering with the THC fam, you’ve got the inside scoop. Let’s toast to delta-8, the cool, calm, and collected sibling who’s changing the way we view and boogie with the Delta clan. Cheers to keeping things mellow!